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Home Based Jobs

Thursday, Oct 7 2010 04:16

Till a little over five years ago, unemployment was a major problem, not only in India, but the world over. It became a global phenomenon; and what increased this problem was the number of companies' suddenly shutting shop, leaving even more people unemployed. For this reason, skilled labor was ready to take up unskilled, low-paying jobs just so that they could earn at least their daily bread and butter.

But then with time things began to change for the better. And, at this point it seems as if the unemployment rate is almost reversed, with an increasing number of opportunities. This is all the more the scenario in India, where almost every household has at least one member employed, if not all adult members of the family. And the best part is that employment does not imply going to an office, but being at home and earning very well.

Interestingly, the number of women being employed is increasing by the day. This is because of the number of home based jobs. There are a large number of companies that are employing people to work from home.

This is not only a trend with international companies that prefer Indian labor, because of the cost effectiveness; but even Indian companies ask their staff to come in two to three times a week and the rest of the days to complete their work from home. This way infrastructure costs decrease and they feel their staff will meet more targets.

The reason why home based jobs are on an increase is because of the connectivity. Now because internet and phone connectivity is so wide spread, whether working at home or in the office it hardly makes a difference. In fact, for women it is a blessing in disguise.

Apart from writers, journalists, editors there are myriads of others who can gain from such opportunities. There are profitable home based internet businesses of various kinds. These could include marketing and conducting research via the internet, designing sites and web pages, and the like. The opportunities are plenty. It just calls for some patience and perseverance to gain maximum opportunities.

Another advantage of taking up home based jobs, is that at one go one can take up multiple tasks. This would obviously increase the earning capacity of the individual. Some people have actually expanded to an extent where they have set up small time business infrastructure and outsource work to others, on a profit sharing basis or a contractual basis.

However, while taking up any assignments or setting up a business to provide home based work to others, it is essential to take into account all legalities. Especially now when the tax department has raised its antennas. Ideally, set up legitimate home based businesses and also take up assignments from companies that have some legal binding. Check the credentials of the hiring company to prevent any kind of possible problems.

For those who are ambitious to set up their own businesses at home, there is a huge treasure trove out there, as far as opportunities are concerned. Its all about going out there and making the most of the successful home based business ideas that are floating all over the place.

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